Collection and control of personal information

The Company collects personal information in a lawful and fair manner. In addition, we clarify both a manager and a person in charge who deals with collected information.

Personal information is collected only as far as required for the purpose, and appropriate measurements are taken for its storage and control.

  • TMC strictly observes the personal information protection laws and regulations.
  • TMC utilizes personal information within the scope of the intended use that is clearly communicated to customers.
  • TMC does not disclose or provide personal information provided by customers to third parties except with the consent of the customer or when there is a legitimate reason.
  • TMC has established a management framework for personal information of the program and comply with it.
  • TMC responds to inquiries from customers concerning personal information or requests from customers for disclosure, correction and suspension of the personal information sincerely and without delay based on the personal information law.
  • TMC makes efforts to continuously improve its personal information protection management system, including this policy.

For personal information handling, please get in touch with the contact described here under.

Town Mining Co., Ltd.,
3-5-53 Yoshita Honmachi, Higashi-Osaka
Osaka 578-0982 Japan
Tel : 81-(0)72-966-0400


Collected personal information is used for the following purposes only. No information is or will be used beyond these purposes:

  • Provision of after service under warranty including response to inquiries from customers.
  • Conservation of the records concerning business negotiations or meeting with customers.
  • Sending information about material, services or events.
  • Product development, conduct of questionnaire surveys, implementation of product and service monitoring programs.