Metal recycling ensures repeated use of a valuable raw material

Create the business of recycling rare metal resources.

TMC understands client’s needs changing from day to day and contributes to society as much as obtains satisfaction from both our suppliers and customers by recycling rare metal bearing scraps as rare metal resources, using our original know-how based on the knowledge and wisdom with forethought.

Continuing the research development of high recycling technology by staff with deep expertise and the renewal of the safe and efficient machinery equipment for recovery, we are creating rare metal recycling business by our thoroughgoing quality control and customer service.

  • Ni scrap

  • Co scrap

  • Ti scrap

  • Si scrap

<Recycle flow>
  • Collection and acceptance

  • Analysis and acceptance

  • Processing

  • Packing and shipping

Production of high quality cobalt hydroxide from scrap-Sole technology TMC developed / TMC Korea