"We are creating Rare Metal Recycling Business"

TMC mainly deals with scraps of nonferrous metals generated from almost all the industrial sites such as electrical, electronic, chemical, aerospace, and mechanical plants.

TMC produces value-added nonferrous metals from scrap generarated various sources such as the secondary battery(Li-ion,Li-polymer,MH),super alloy, semiconductor, spent catalysts, samarium-cobalt magnet, titanium, zirconium, molybdenium, and other relevant materials.

The value-added products are utilized in broad areas from chemical to aerospace industries.


Rare metal
Precious metals


  • Superalloy scraps
  • Electronic scraps
  • Spent catalyst
  • Precious metal bearing residues
  • Secondary battery scraps
  • Titanium scraps
  • Zirconium scraps etc.
  • High Performance Materials

Main Materials

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